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Hemorrhoids 101
Hemorrhoids personal stories, plus causes, symptoms and treatment

Hemorrhoids personal stories

Do you have a personal story about hemorrhoids? Have you found a treatment that works or would you just like a chance to moan about your symptoms without embarrassment?

If so, we would love to hear from you. Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page to share your thoughts and we will then publish them on this site.

Please do NOT send requests for medical advice - this site is for sharing personal experiences of hemorrhoids only, and is not run by a doctor.


The tale of...Tracy

it started when having my first child who's now 11. They were internal at the beginning and manageable but now it's different, they are external now and can be painful, itchy, and just rather irritating, so if they get any worse it's off to the doctor.

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The tale of...Lillian

I have a single hemorrhoid that keeps returning and protruding on the upper right of the anal opening. During an internet search today, I learned that it can be classified as type two and sometimes type three.

It's been about three years since the very first very minor flare-up. I called my mom (of course) who recommended that I use Preparation H for most of the time, on and off, as necessary.

The hemorrhoid was not a problem until recently. Now it actually hurts and I don't want to walk anywhere or leave the house when it is flared up. I don't know if my career as a writer has anything to do with it.

I rarely have more than two cups of coffee a day and do not drink other caffeinated beverages like sodas very often (only with rum and not too often!). I am only 115 pounds, fairly fit (doing yoga and walking daily) and spend most of my life eating out of the garden, with meat on the plate four to eight meals (breakfast/snacks/lunches/suppers) a week.

One person here was asking about herbal treatments. I'm very curious about that myself. I've tried Mela-gel which is a jelly product with tea tree oil (for wounds), and found it quite helpful. It's a product of a company called Melaleuca - you have to be a direct customer (mail or online orders).

I found a few today that I was looking at. Venapro, Ziro and Hemaron offer "dietary supplements". Ziro also offers a cream and has a Canadian site - useful for me. These first three companies come fairly highly recommended according to my Internet search.

Arcadia offers a herbal supplement... However, one that I am very interested in is a product called Hemorrhoid-No-More by Forces of Nature. It is made of essential oils and is applied topically. I would love to hear your opinion on these products or others that you have heard of. I can be reached through my website.

I have noticed irritation from use of cheap toilet paper and definitely feel the difference if I have not taken in enough water. Squatting while working in the garden or weeding is a killer for me and is sure to induce another bout...

E-mail Lillian through http://www.sunshinecable.com/~drumit

The tale of...Peter

I have struggled with hemorrhoids for four years and done very little about it. My wife made me seek advice from a doctor who referred me to a surgeon.

I had three huge piles in my rectum that needed to be cut out. This is supposed to be the most painful operation around and I can agree with that. I had the operation two weeks ago and I am still suffering.

The medication gives me constipation and I have to live on laxatives every day to keep my stools soft. I have resorted to prunes and prune juice and this has helped me. Hot baths and prunes will help you through his tough period of a post-hemorrhoidectomy.

The tale of...JJ

My hemorrhoids "appeared" about a week ago. One day I was fine and the next...there they were! I do remember having a difficult bowel movement maybe two weeks ago, but other than a little soreness...no problem.

WELL! When they made their presence known, I was in the worst pain ever! I cried and jumped immediately into a hot bath. That helped a lot.

Preparation H did little to help. I have been using generous amounts of Vaseline before a BM. I have also been drinking a 6oz glass of prune juice at night and seriously watching what I eat. In fact, yesterday I was on liquids only!

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said she's seen worse. Easy for her to say! She prescribed a cortisone cream. That really reduced the swelling. And she also suggested Colace, which I started taking as well as using Tucks.

I am waiting for the next BM. Hopefully, I won't end up in pain again.

The tale of...Gachane

I also suffer from this dreaded condition. It started off as a minor irritation, which I treated with an ointment. Things were OK until three years later, when I had painful internal hemorrhoids, it was so bad I had to undergo an operation to remove them.

I had been in a stable condition for approximately 10 years before I got another attack, but not as bad as the previous one). I have been using suppositories, consuming more fiber and drinking plenty of water to minimize the symptoms.

I feel more relieved now, except when I have lots of alcohol on a Friday night; I think I am better off being a teetotaler.

I understand that the following can lead to the symptoms of piles:

  • physical straining in the gym or at work
  • a diet that is low on fiber
  • hereditary factors (my dad and granddad suffered from these symptoms)
  • holding your breath while moving your bowels (advisable to breathe out gently)
  • gaining weight
  • drinking too much coffee and alcohol (which dehydrate you)
  • anxiety
  • and stress.

I am considering using herbal treatment to get this condition under control for good. I was wondering if anyone knows the merits of using herbal treatments like butcher's broom, horse chestnut and bromelain?!!

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The tale of...Andrew

I have had bouts of hemorrhoids about once a year, but it definitely accompanies periods of worry and stress, so although it might help you to know to avoid stress, it doesn't help you if you have them right now.

But I can offer some insights. I am recently coming out of a bad period. I have not slept in a week. They are manageable during the day, but at night they itch terribly and it feels like 10 sewing needles are being stabbed into me.

What is important is not to touch them, it is a feedback loop of pain that gets worse. Also, get prescription drugs like the steroid-based aerosol foam. I wasn't keen when my doctor prescribed it, "like that's going to work", but it nuked them. Steroids (cortisone) definitely shrink the tissues that are causing you the pain.

As for temporary relief, a hot bath can be good. But really, if you have them you know, there is sometimes no relief. People who have never had hemorrhoids don't understand how intense the pain is. It's like an inner ear infection or a toothache in the obsessive, pervasive, inescapable and all encompassing aspect to the pain. Someday they will heal and you will have your life back.

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The tale of...Keri

I am 23 years old and I have been suffering with this problem for a few years now. I've never had a baby so I'm not sure why they are getting worse. I've had some bleeding w/bowel movements in the past but lately it's getting worse.

I always thought they were internal but now it seems they are protruding when I do have a bowel movement. It is extremely painful and feels like I'm being ripped apart.

I've tried warm baths and suppositories but nothing seems to be helping anymore! I work in a call center for Cingular Wireless so I'm sitting ALL day EVERY day. I'm going to make my first trip to a doctor today (12/28/05) to see what else we can do. Anyone have any ideas???? Something to reduce the 'ripping' feeling??? Please email me!

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