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Hemorrhoids 101
Hemorrhoids personal stories, plus causes, symptoms and treatment

Hemorrhoids stories - page two

The tale of...Dee

To all you poor people suffering with the dreaded piles - I had mine for 30 years after my first pregnancy and told no-one until I was laid up when they thrombosed and the pain was unimaginable!

After years of misery I was hospitalised as they thrombosed again and pulled out some of my bowel. The pain was so bad they gave me morphine. I was laid down in hospital for a week until my bowel went back in and the swelling reduced, not pleasant.

The doctor suggested surgery but I had heard so many horror stories...I explained this to the doctor and he said how much worse could it be and l had to agree. Six months later and I was in very nervously, the pain was manageable and they healed nicely.

That was two years ago. They have returned very slightly but I would definitely recommend the operation - there is hope!

The tale of...Mark

Hi - I suffered in silence for many years, using every cream, ointment and suppository available. Eventually I went to a surgeon for a consultation and he recommended surgery.

The operation involved injecting and banding the hemorrhoids and was carried out under general anaesthetic. During the operation the surgeon also performed (this sounds gruesome) an anal stretch in order to reduce the need for excessive straining.

When I first came around I was in a great deal of pain and discomfort, but that soon went away. Now six months later I feel like a new man. I do still get some slight bleeding but that is from the site where the rectal wall is slightly thinner due to removal of the hemorrhoids. That horrible feeling of something in your rectum that should not be there has now gone. Hope this helps.

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The story of...Ken

Yeah, I'm 20 years old and I have terrible hemorrhoids. I don't understand at all how I got them. My grandmother and grandfather had them, but I don't know if hemorrhoids are genetic. I doubt it.

I don't have anal sex and don't use my sphincter for anything else other than pooping. I don't have medical insurance so I can't get anything surgical done. Does anyone know of a product that cures these evil things?

The itching is unimaginable. In public, if they start flaring up, it gets so bad that I break into a hot sweat. Yeah, it's that bad. Someone please help me out.

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The story of...Frankie

I first experienced my hemorrhoids about a month after I had my nine-pound baby girl. The pain got worse and worse over a period of a few months... it would get so bad that I sometimes would be in pain for almost 12 hours straight with relief coming only minutes at a time.

These are not normal hemorrhoids, I thought! I would often cry from the pain... and still sometimes do. I am still suffering from them and it's been almost four months!

I've tried everything and at this point I'm starting to feel hopeless. I don't want to resort to surgery because I've heard horror stories. I'm trying to cure them naturally.

I've been seeing a homeopathic doctor, and while my pain has reduced dramatically, the hemorrhoids are still disrupting my life. Conventional doctors just tell me to use Preparation H and Tucs, but I've tried those and everything else over the counter and nothing seems to have any real affect.

Am I the only one experiencing these freakishly painful kind of hemorrhoids?

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The story of...Julie

I started having hemorrhoids 13 years ago after the birth of my son. It took me over two hours to push him out: I guess that's why I have them. I had been having stomach issues (reflux) and became a bit constipated and they seemed to flare up; at one point they hurt so bad I could not find a comfortable way to sit or lay down.

Suppositories helped along with topical Preparation H. But I still feel them. Not painful, just there. Anyone out there dealing with this?

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The story of...Bonita

I am so tired of my hemorrhoids. I am currently just using prescribed suppositories which help a lot but have not eliminated them. Most of my doctors think I'm crazy. I wonder if stress induces symptoms.

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